7 Best Chicken Breeds for Eggs for Novice Chicken Keepers

Known for their hardiness and prolific egg-laying, Rhode Island Reds can produce around 250-300 brown eggs per year. They are also friendly and easy to care for.

Rhode Island Red

Leghorns are excellent layers, producing about 280-320 white eggs annually. They are hardy birds and adapt well to different climates, making them a great choice for beginners.


Sussex chickens are friendly, docile, and good layers, producing approximately 250-300 light brown eggs per year.


Plymouth Rocks are known for their calm temperament and consistent laying of around 200-280 brown eggs annually.

Plymouth Rock

This breed is renowned for its exceptional egg production, laying about 250-300 light brown eggs per year.


Wyandottes are hardy birds that can produce approximately 200-280 brown eggs annually.


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