10 Dress Styles That Flatter Every Figure

Wrap Dress: A classic wrap dress is universally flattering as it cinches at the waist, creating an hourglass shape.

A-Line Dress: An A-line dress is fitted at the waist and then gradually flares out, which helps create a balanced silhouette.

Fit-and-Flare Dress: Similar to an A-line, a fit-and-flare dress is fitted at the waist and then flares out, often at the mid-thigh or knee. 

Shift Dress: A shift dress has a straight silhouette that hangs loosely from the shoulders with no waist definition.

Sheath Dress: A sheath dress is form-fitting and typically falls straight down from the shoulders to just above the knee or slightly below. 

Empire Waist Dress: An empire waist dress has a high waistline that sits just below the bust, with a flowing skirt that skims over the midsection and hips.

Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses are long and flowy, covering most of the legs. They can be styled in various ways and are flattering for all figures.

Off-the-Shoulder Dress: Off-the-shoulder dresses expose the shoulders and collarbone while often cinching at the waist. 

Shirt Dress: A shirt dress typically features a structured top similar to a button-down shirt, with a defined waistline and a flowing skirt. 

Bodycon Dress: While more form-fitting, bodycon dresses can be flattering for various figures depending on the fabric and cut.

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