10 Happiest Dog Breeds

Labrador Retriever: Friendly, outgoing, and eager to please, Labs are known for their joyful personalities.

Golden Retriever: Gentle, loyal, and friendly, Goldens are always ready to greet you with a wagging tail.

Beagle: Playful, curious, and affectionate, Beagles have a happy-go-lucky attitude.

Poodle: Intelligent, active, and social, Poodles are often cheerful and love to be around people.

Australian Shepherd: Energetic, smart, and loving, Aussies are happiest when they have a job to do and are with their family.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Affectionate, gentle, and friendly, Cavaliers are known for their happy and loving nature.

Boxer: Loyal, playful, and energetic, Boxers have a zest for life that is infectious.

Boston Terrier: Bright, friendly, and amusing, Bostons are known as the "American Gentleman" for their cheerful demeanor.

Shih Tzu: Outgoing, affectionate, and playful, Shih Tzus love to be the center of attention.

French Bulldog: Loyal, affectionate, and comical, Frenchies have a playful spirit and love to be with their families.

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