These 10 Methods Will Prevent Rabbits from Chewing Up Your Beloved Garden

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Use a sturdy fence with small gaps close to the ground to prevent rabbits from squeezing through. The fence should be at least 2 feet high.


Apply repellents with scents that rabbits dislike, such as garlic, hot pepper, or predator urine. Reapply after rain or as directed on the product.

Plant Rabbit-Resistant Species:

Research and select plants like marigolds, lavender, or salvia that are known to be less attractive to rabbits.

Raised Garden Beds:

Elevate your garden with raised beds to make it less accessible to rabbits. Ensure the sides are smooth and offer no footholds.

Use Chicken Wire or Hardware Cloth:

Encircle individual plants with chicken wire or hardware cloth. Bury it slightly underground to prevent rabbits from digging under.

Apply Taste Deterrents:

Coat plants with bitter-tasting substances like cayenne pepper or a homemade mixture of water and hot sauce to discourage rabbits from chewing.

Provide Alternative Food Sources:

Offer a separate area with plants that rabbits enjoy, diverting their attention away from your main garden.

Regular Garden Maintenance:

Remove tall grass, weeds, and debris that can provide hiding spots for rabbits. A well-maintained garden may be less appealing to them.

Use Repellent Plants:

Include plants like catnip, onions, or garlic in your garden, as rabbits tend to avoid these.

Ultrasonic Devices:

Use ultrasonic repellent devices that emit high-frequency sounds irritating to rabbits. Place them strategically in your garden.


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