8 Foods That Contain Lactose And Are Safe To Consume

Soy milk curdles into tofu. Tofu is a lactose-free calcium source noted for its nutritional value. Eat everything you want!


Calcium, fiber, and vitamins are abundant in many veggies. Include extra spinach, kale, cabbage, and bok choy in your regular diet.


An energy and calcium-rich snack, almonds help you meet your daily demands. Combine them with oil-rich walnuts, hazelnuts, or dried fruit.


Chickpea-based Lebanese humus replaces dairy dips and spreads. Enjoy with a nice carrot or celery stick.


Because their bones are calcium-rich, canned salmon, anchovies, and sardines will help you meet your daily consumption.

Canned Fish

Due to their iron and calcium levels, white beans make fantastic salad and soup proteins.

White Bean

Butter has almost no lactose, despite its high milk fat content. No need to skip or substitute this well-tolerated condiment.


Not looking forward to your mother-in-law's pasta Alfredo? Consider buying lactase pills. These tablets help you digest occasional lactose with an artificial enzyme

Lactase Pills

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