10 Signs You Are Not A Good Wife

Lack of Communication: Difficulty expressing feelings or not actively listening to your partner.

Selfishness: Prioritizing personal needs consistently over the needs and desires of your partner.

Disrespect: Consistently disregarding your partner's opinions, feelings, or boundaries.

Lack of Support: Not being emotionally or physically supportive during challenging times for your partner.

Neglecting Responsibilities: Not contributing equally to household chores, financial responsibilities, or childcare duties.

Controlling Behavior: Trying to dominate decisions or restrict your partner's independence.

Dishonesty: Being deceitful or hiding important information from your partner.

Lack of Intimacy: Neglecting physical or emotional intimacy within the relationship.

Criticism and Blame: Frequently criticizing or blaming your partner rather than discussing issues constructively.

Ignoring Needs: Disregarding your partner's needs for affection, attention, or quality time together.

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