10 Things You Should Never Say to a New Partner

Comparisons to Exes: Avoid comparing your new partner to your ex-partners in any way.

Marriage and Kids Too Soon: It's important not to pressure your new partner or make assumptions about the future too early in the relationship.

Comments About Their Family or Friends: Criticizing or making negative remarks about their loved ones can create tension and hurt feelings.

Relationship Baggage: Avoid discussing past relationship problems or emotional baggage too soon, as it can overwhelm your new partner.

Issues or Debt: Money matters can be sensitive, so discussing financial issues or debts should be done cautiously and at the right time.

Pressure for Intimacy: Respect your partner's boundaries and avoid pressuring them into physical intimacy before they are ready.

Overly Personal Details Too Soon: Sharing overly personal or private details about yourself too early may make your partner uncomfortable.

Demands: Avoid issuing ultimatums or making demands early on in the relationship; instead, focus on open communication and compromise.

Over-the-Top Praise: While compliments are nice, insincere flattery or excessive praise can come across as disingenuous.

Opinions or Beliefs: Respect your partner's opinions, beliefs, and values, even if they differ from yours. Dismissing or belittling their views can create resentment.

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