7 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Birds

The parrot flower is a stunning purple flower that resembles a bird and is found on a variety of balsam trees that are indigenous to Southeast Asia.

Parrot Flower

The moon orchid represents one of the most common types of orchid and is fairly simple to cultivate inside as well as outside, provided it is not exposed to direct sunlight.

Moon Orchid

The dove orchid, an astonishing plant endemic to Panama and its neighboring nations, is a unique white blossom that resembles a bird

Dove Orchid

The moth orchid, sometimes known as the bird orchid, is a very similar species of orchid to the moon orchid and is quite common indoors.

Moth Orchid

When considering flowers that resemble birds, the South African bird of paradise plant is frequently the initial one that people think of.

Bird of Paradise

A species of orchid called the western bearded greenhood is distinguished by a green blossom with a hummingbird-like shape.

Western Bearded Greenhood

Another orchid making the list is the white egret orchid. This flower is from Korea and Japan. It resembles an egret caught in the midst of flying.

White Egret Orchid

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