7 Amazing Science Facts That Are Weird, Wild, and True

Bananas Are Radioactive: Bananas contain potassium-40, a radioactive isotope of potassium. While the levels are low and harmless, this means bananas are naturally slightly radioactive.

Water Can Boil and Freeze at the Same Time: In a vacuum, water can reach a state called the "triple point," where it exists simultaneously as a solid, liquid, and gas due to specific pressure and temperature conditions.

The Human Stomach Gets a New Lining Every Few Days: The stomach’s acidic environment is so harsh that the lining renews itself approximately every three to four days to prevent it from digesting itself.

Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water: Known as the Mpemba effect, under certain conditions, hot water can freeze faster than cold water, although the exact reasons behind this phenomenon are still debated by scientists.

A Day on Venus Is Longer Than a Year on Venus: Venus rotates very slowly on its axis, taking about 243 Earth days to complete one rotation, but it takes only about 225 Earth days to orbit the Sun.

Honey Never Spoils: Archaeologists have found pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old and still edible.

There Are More Trees on Earth Than Stars in the Milky Way: Estimates suggest there are about 3 trillion trees on Earth, compared to around 100-400 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

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