7 Beautiful Flowers for Shade

Dicentra eximia

In spring, fringed bleeding heart produces clusters of dangling, pink, heart-shaped flowers for a stunning display.


A popular bedding plant, impatiens bloom from late spring until first frost, providing a riot of color even in the shadiest locations.


Astilbe blooms from late spring into summer or fall with tall plumes of vibrant flowers.

Siberian bugloss

A perennial in the borage family, Siberian bugloss has cheery little blue flowers that bloom in clusters in spring.


Classic fuschia flowers have vivid pink sepals and bold purple or white center petals, though these dangling blooms also come in other colors.

Coral bells

Coral bells is a semi-evergreen to evergreen groundcover with a tidy clumping habit.


Lungwort makes a lovely ground cover with its silvery white-spotted green leaves and slow rhizomatic spread.

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