7 Best Beaches in the U.S.

7 Best Beaches in the U.S.

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - Iconic for its white sands and surf-ready waves, Waikiki offers stunning views of Diamond Head and vibrant nightlife.

Siesta Key Beach, Florida - Known for its powdery white sand that stays cool even in the heat, Siesta Key is perfect for lounging and water activities.

Clearwater Beach, Florida - With crystal-clear waters and lively Pier 60, Clearwater Beach offers family-friendly fun, including sunset celebrations.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii - Nestled on Oahu's Windward Coast, Lanikai boasts turquoise waters and Mokulua Islands views, ideal for kayaking and snorkeling.

Santa Monica State Beach, California - A hub of coastal entertainment near Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach features a famous pier with rides and restaurants.

Cannon Beach, Oregon - Known for its dramatic Haystack Rock and serene shoreline, Cannon Beach offers scenic vistas and artistic charm.

Coronado Central Beach, California - Located near San Diego, Coronado Beach offers golden sands, gentle waves, and historic Hotel del Coronado.

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