7 Signs That Point To Toxic Leadership


Leaders who excessively control and scrutinize every detail of their team's work, undermining trust and autonomy.

Lack Of Transparency

Withholding information or making decisions behind closed doors without consulting or informing the team.

Fear-Based Leadership

Ruling by fear, intimidation, or threats rather than fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

Poor Communication

Inconsistent or unclear communication, leading to misunderstandings, rumors, and uncertainty among team members.


Showing unfair preference towards certain individuals or groups, which undermines morale and creates division.

High Turnover

A pattern of high turnover or frequent resignations among team members, indicating dissatisfaction and a toxic work environment.

Ethical Lapses

Engaging in unethical behavior, such as dishonesty, discrimination, or misuse of power, setting a harmful example for the team.

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