7 Signs That Show Someone Is Truly Interested In You

Initiates Contact

They take the initiative to reach out first, showing they want to stay connected and engaged with you.

Active Listener

They actively listen to you without interrupting, remember details from your conversations, and show genuine interest in your thoughts and feelings.

Makes Time For You

They prioritize spending time with you, demonstrating that you are important to them and they enjoy your company.

Shows Affection

They express their feelings through physical touch, compliments, or verbal affirmations, indicating their attraction and care for you.

Shares Personal Details

They trust you with personal information about their life, thoughts, and experiences, signaling a desire for deeper emotional connection.

Includes You

They involve you in their social circle, introducing you to friends and family or inviting you to events, integrating you into their life.

Future Plans

They discuss future activities or goals that involve you, indicating they see you as a part of their long-term plans and envision a future together.

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