7 Things to Have Inspected and Repaired After a Car Accident

Frame and Body Damage: Check for any structural damage to the frame and body of the car, which can affect the vehicle's safety and alignment.

Alignment and Suspension: Ensure the suspension system and wheel alignment are intact, as these are often impacted in collisions and can affect handling.

Engine and Transmission: Inspect the engine and transmission for any leaks, cracks, or damages that may have occurred during the accident.

Brakes and Tires: Verify the condition of the brakes and tires, as they are crucial for safe driving and may be damaged in an accident.

Cooling System: Check the radiator, hoses, and cooling system components to prevent overheating issues later on.

Electrical Systems: Inspect all electrical systems, including lights, sensors, and the battery, as they can be disrupted or damaged in a crash.

Airbags and Safety Features: Ensure that airbags and other safety features, such as seatbelts and sensors, are functioning properly and have not been deployed or damaged.

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