7 Totally Abnormal Things Americans Do Without Even Thinking Twice

In America, wearing shoes inside is as normal as eating apple pie. But in Japan, it’s a no-go. Shoes are swapped for slippers at the door to keep the living space clean

Wearing Shoes Indoors

Americans love their flag. From front porches to T-shirts, Old Glory is everywhere. Compare this to the UK, where flags are displayed mainly for national holidays.

Excessive Patriotism

Whether on the phone or chatting with friends, Americans tend to speak loudly. This is considered rude and disruptive in many cultures, such as Japan.

Talking Loudly In Public

From grocery stores to elevators, they love to chat. In places like Germany, conversing with strangers can be seen as intrusive.

Conversations with Strangers

Americans expect top-notch service and aren’t shy about complaining if things aren't perfect. This contrasts sharply with many European countries, where a more reserved approach is the norm.


Americans typically drive several hours to get somewhere. In Europe, such distances are often traveled by train, and many find the idea of moving so far somewhat baffling

Driving Long Distances

In the US, bigger is often better. American portions can seem enormous to visitors from countries like France, where meals are more minor and savored slowly.

Portion Sizes And Overeating

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