8 Animals That Can Change Their Gender

Clownfish - Clownfish live in a strict hierarchy with a dominant female; if she dies, the largest male changes to female.

Oysters - Oysters can change gender multiple times during their lifespan, often switching from male to female as they grow larger.

Parrotfish - Parrotfish start as females and can change to males later in life, often when there is a shortage of males in the group.

Wrasses - Some species of wrasses change from female to male when the dominant male is no longer present.

Gobies - Gobies can switch sex based on social environment, usually changing from female to male if the male is removed.

Frogs - Some frog species, like the common reed frog, can change sex in response to environmental factors, such as temperature.

Bearded Dragons - Bearded dragons can change sex due to temperature during incubation, resulting in genetic males developing as females.

Sea Bass - Many species of sea bass are hermaphroditic, starting life as females and becoming males as they grow older.

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