8 Common Types Of Birds In Your Backyard

Often simply called a "redbird," Northern Cardinals live in the South and are known for their eye-catching red hues.


Usually shortened to "bluebird," Eastern Bluebirds are in the South year-round and bring a welcoming pop of blue into backyards across the region.


There are a variety of woodpecker species that are common in the South; from Downy Woodpeckers to Pileated Woodpeckers, these amazing birds can be heard from far and wide when they're hammering away at trees.


American Robins are the true "early bird." These songbirds are known for their orange belly and upright stance when popping around a lawn or garden.


Blink and you'll miss them, hummingbirds are some of the most impressive creatures we see in our backyards.


Known for their unique ability to mimic other bird calls, Northern Mockingbirds are as talkative as they are beautiful.


There are few creatures as iconic as the owl. From their nocturnal nature to their distinctive sounds, owls of all kinds are magnificent creatures and used in pop culture to represent wisdom and intelligence.


Tiny birds with lots of energy, finches are a common sighting in backyards all across the South.


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