8 Costco Tricks You Should Be Aware Of

Endcaps for Impulse Buys: Items placed at the end of aisles are often there to encourage impulse purchases. They may not always be the best deals compared to items located within the aisles.

Treasure-Hunt Layout: The store's layout is designed to encourage exploration, with popular items placed in different locations, so you end up discovering and buying more than you planned.

Limited-Time Offers: Flash sales and limited-time discounts create a sense of urgency, making you feel compelled to buy immediately to avoid missing out.

Bulk Packaging: Products sold in bulk can lead to overbuying. Be sure to calculate whether the bulk purchase is truly cost-effective for your needs.

Free Samples: Sampling stations not only entice you to try new products but also encourage you to buy items you might not have considered otherwise.

No-Price Tag Electronics: High-value electronics often lack visible price tags, prompting you to ask for assistance. This can lead to upselling or additional purchases.

Cheap Rotisserie Chicken: Priced at a loss, Costco's rotisserie chicken is a loss leader to draw you into the store, hoping you'll buy other more profitable items while you're there.

Membership Renewal Reminders: Reminders to renew your membership well before it expires create a sense of urgency and ensure you remain a paying member.

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