8 Home Maintenance Tasks to Perform Annually for Major Savings

Inspect and Clean Gutters: Clearing debris prevents water damage and avoids potential foundation issues.

Check and Seal Windows and Doors: Ensuring seals are intact improves energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs.

Inspect Roof: Look for damaged shingles or leaks to prevent water damage and prolong roof lifespan.

Service HVAC System: Regular maintenance enhances efficiency, reduces energy bills, and prevents costly repairs.

Flush Water Heater: Removing sediment improves efficiency and extends the water heater's life.

Inspect and Clean Chimney: Prevents chimney fires and ensures safe operation of heating systems.

Inspect Plumbing for Leaks: Early detection prevents water damage and saves on water bills.

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Ensure they're functioning correctly to protect against fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning.

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