8 Most Unusual Creatures That Have Been Found in the Rainforest

Glass Frog

Glass frogs are peculiar creatures whose name comes from their translucent skin, which reveals their internal organs


The unique-looking aye-aye has many distinctive features, including large eyes, bat-like ears, and a long, thin middle finger.

Electric Eel

Electric eels live in the murky waters of the Amazon Basin, and they use their powerful generation of energy to shock and stun their prey, as well as for self-defense.


The okapi, also known as the forest giraffe, looks like a cross between a giraffe and a zebra, with its long neck and stripes!

Harpy Eagle

One of the largest and most powerful eagles in the world, the harpy eagle preys on monkeys and sloths high up in trees.

Vampire Bat

The vampire bat is the Count Dracula of animals! It feeds exclusively on the blood of other animals and has heat sensors that help it locate blood vessels near the surface.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

The beauty of the blue morpho butterfly is striking! They live across the tropical rainforests of South and Central America.

Poison Dart Frog

Poison dart frogs might look pretty, but they pack a punch! To other animals, the poison dart frog’s vibrant colors are more scary than beautiful, as they warn predators of its toxicity.

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