8 people indicted in connection with assault on NYPD officers outside migrant shelter

Eight individuals were initially implicated in a violent incident involving the assault of NYPD officers outside a migrant shelter.

However, seven people have been officially indicted in connection to this attack, which occurred near Times Square.

The Manhattan District Attorney is still working to identify three other individuals believed to be involved in the incident.

Among those indicted, four were released without bail last week, a decision that has sparked criticism from state and city officials.

The assault led to minor injuries for two police officers, who were treated at the scene​​.

A top NYPD official labeled the attackers as "cowards" and suggested they should be detained on Rikers Island.

The confrontation, captured on camera, saw NYPD officers attempting to manage a disorderly group outside the shelter.

During their attempt to arrest one individual, they were suddenly attacked by several people.

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