8 Perennials That Deer And Rabbits Avoid

Deer and rabbits dislike the strong fragrance and taste of lavender, finding it unappealing for grazing.


The fuzzy texture of lamb's ear leaves can be off-putting to deer and rabbits, leading them to avoid eating it.

Lamb's Ear

The aromatic oils in Russian sage's foliage create a scent that repels these animals, making it a less desirable food source.

Russian Sage

Bee balm's strong scent and distinct taste act as natural repellents, discouraging grazing by deer and rabbits.

Bee Balm

Catmint produces a scent similar to catnip, which tends to deter deer and rabbits as they find it unpalatable.


Certain salvia species emit odors that deer and rabbits find unpleasant, deterring them from feeding on these plants.


Yarrow's bitter taste and potent scent make it less desirable to deer and rabbits, as they prefer plants with milder flavors.


While not completely immune to browsing, peonies have a bitter taste that makes them less attractive to deer and rabbits compared to other plants.


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