8 Safety Tips for Driving in the Rain

Reduce Speed: Slow down to reduce the risk of hydroplaning and allow for better control and reaction time.

Increase Following Distance: Leave extra space between your car and the vehicle in front to account for increased stopping distances on wet roads.

Use Headlights: Turn on your headlights, even during daylight, to improve visibility for yourself and other drivers.

Avoid Cruise Control: Disengage cruise control to maintain better control over acceleration and braking on slippery surfaces.

Stay in the Middle Lanes: Water tends to pool in outer lanes. Driving in the middle lanes can reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Be Gentle with Steering and Braking: Make smooth, gradual movements when steering and braking to avoid skidding or losing control.

Watch for Standing Water: Avoid driving through large puddles or standing water, as it can conceal hazards or cause hydroplaning.

Stay Informed: Check weather forecasts and road conditions before you travel. Postpone your trip if conditions are severe.

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