8 Surprising Food Facts Most People Don't Know

Carrots used to be purple (among other colors) until a mutation led to the familiar orange variety. This change occurred in the 16th century as a result of selective breeding.

Carrots Were Originally Purple

Thanks to its low moisture content and acidic pH, honey can remain edible for thousands of years, as evidenced by edible honey found in ancient Egyptian tombs.

Honey Never Spoils

Botanically speaking, bananas meet the criteria for berries, while strawberries do not, because strawberries grow from a flower with multiple ovaries.

Bananas Are Berries, But Strawberries Aren't

It takes about two years for a pineapple plant to produce a single pineapple, making them a labor-intensive crop.

Pineapples Take Two Years To Grow

Apples are part of the Rosaceae family, which is the same family as roses, along with pears, cherries, and peaches.

Apples Belong To The Rose Family

Despite their name, peanuts are actually legumes, related more closely to beans and lentils than to tree nuts like almonds.

Peanuts Are Not Nuts

The spice saffron commands a higher price than gold due to the laborious process of harvesting the stigmas from crocus flowers.

Saffron Is More Expensive Than Gold

Before coffee became a beverage, the first people to use coffee in Africa consumed it by chewing the berries mixed with animal fat.

Coffee Was Originally Chewed, Not Sipped

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