8 Things That Are a Total Waste of Money, According to Interior Designers

Trendy, Low-Quality Furniture: Investing in pieces that are in vogue but poorly made can lead to frequent replacements, making them more costly in the long run.

Overpriced Brand-Name Decor: Just because an item carries a designer label doesn't mean it's the best choice for your space.

Excessive Themed Decor: While themes can guide your decorating, overdoing it can make your space feel more like a stage set than a home.

Matching Furniture Sets: Buying entire matching sets can make a room feel uninspired and stagnant.

Gimmicky Gadgets: Many gadgets promise to revolutionize how we live, but few deliver.

Impulse Purchases: Buying on a whim, especially for significant pieces without considering your overall design scheme, can lead to regret.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting: While this can be tempting for creating a cozy feel, wall-to-wall carpeting is difficult and expensive to clean or replace.

Cheap, Fast Decor: Similar to fast fashion, "fast decor" items are meant to cater to current trends but are not built to last.

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