9 Amazing American House Styles

Colonial Revival - Inspired by early American colonial architecture, featuring symmetrical facades, multi-pane windows, and often adorned with columns and pediments.

Victorian - Known for its ornate details, varied rooflines, and vibrant colors, Victorian homes often include intricate woodwork, turrets, and decorative trim.

Craftsman - Characterized by low-pitched roofs with wide eaves, exposed rafters, and use of natural materials like wood and stone, emphasizing craftsmanship and simplicity.

Tudor Revival - Influenced by medieval English architecture, Tudor homes feature steeply pitched roofs, decorative half-timbering, and tall, narrow windows with leaded glass.

Ranch - Popularized in the mid-20th century, Ranch-style homes are characterized by their single-story, open floor plans, and low-pitched roofs, often with large windows and an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.

Cape Cod - Originating in colonial New England, Cape Cod homes are typically one or two stories with steep roofs, central chimneys, and dormer windows, reflecting practicality and simplicity.

Greek Revival - Inspired by ancient Greek architecture, these homes feature grand columns, symmetrical shapes, and gable-front roofs, often found in Southern plantation houses. – 

Spanish Colonial Revival - Reflecting Spanish architecture in the Americas, these homes feature stucco exteriors, red tile roofs, arched doorways, and courtyards, emphasizing a Mediterranean influence.

Mid-Century Modern - Emphasizing simplicity and integration with nature, Mid-Century Modern homes feature open floor plans, large windows, flat planes, and minimal ornamentation, often blending indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

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