9 Home Trends We Wish Would Stay in the Past

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting - Difficult to maintain and prone to trapping allergens and odors.

Popcorn Ceilings - Outdated and difficult to clean, often making spaces feel dated.

Overly Matched Furniture Sets - Uniformity can make rooms feel less personalized and more showroom-like.

Formal Dining Rooms - Many prefer open-plan dining spaces that are more versatile and casual.

Wallpaper Borders - Can quickly date a room and are challenging to remove or replace.

Faux Finishes - Techniques like sponge painting or faux marble can look dated and are less popular now.

Plastic Furniture Covers - Commonly used to protect furniture but detracts from comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Tuscan-Style Kitchens - Heavy on dark wood and ornate details, which can feel heavy and outdated compared to modern, minimalist designs.

Accent Walls - While once trendy, they can sometimes interrupt the flow of a room and are less favored in favor of more cohesive color schemes throughout spaces.

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