The 10 Cheapest Countries to Visit

Vietnam: Known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and affordable street food.

India: Offers diverse cultural experiences, historical sites, and inexpensive accommodations.

Nepal: Famous for trekking in the Himalayas and cultural experiences in Kathmandu.

Indonesia: Bali and other islands offer beautiful beaches, temples, and budget-friendly options.

Thailand: Known for its vibrant street life, beautiful beaches, and affordable street food.

Cambodia: Home to Angkor Wat and other ancient temples, with budget-friendly accommodations.

Philippines: Offers stunning beaches, diving spots, and affordable island-hopping tours.

Bolivia: Known for its diverse landscapes including the Salt Flats, and relatively inexpensive travel costs.

Sri Lanka: Offers cultural sites, beautiful beaches, and budget-friendly accommodations.

Ukraine: Known for its historic cities like Kyiv and Lviv, with affordable prices for food and lodging.

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