9 Medical Myths People Still Believe

Vaccines Cause Autism - Despite extensive scientific evidence proving otherwise, this myth persists and contributes to vaccine hesitancy.

Cracking Your Knuckles Causes Arthritis - Studies show that knuckle-cracking does not increase the risk of arthritis, though it may annoy those around you.

Eating Carrots Improves Vision - While carrots are rich in vitamin A, crucial for eye health, they do not significantly improve vision beyond normal levels.

Cold Weather Causes Colds - Colds are caused by viruses, not cold weather. However, cold weather can contribute to conditions that increase susceptibility to viruses.

Sugar Causes Hyperactivity in Children - Research has found no direct link between sugar consumption and hyperactivity in children, though excessive sugar intake can lead to other health issues.

You Should Pee on a Jellyfish Sting - Urine is not an effective treatment for jellyfish stings. Instead, rinse with seawater and seek medical attention if necessary.

The Five-Second Rule - The idea that food dropped on the floor is safe to eat if picked up quickly is not based on science. Bacteria can transfer instantly upon contact.

Hair and Nails Continue to Grow After Death - This is a myth. What appears to be growth is actually due to dehydration and the skin receding.

Drinking Milk Increases Mucus Production - Scientific studies have shown no correlation between consuming milk and increased mucus production, contrary to popular belief.

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