9 Modern Social Norms That Baby Boomers Can’t Stand

Social Media Oversharing: Baby Boomers may find constant updates and personal details shared on social media intrusive or unnecessary.

Casual Dress Codes: The shift towards more casual attire in workplaces and social settings may be seen as a decline in professionalism.

Texting Instead of Calling: Baby Boomers may prefer phone calls for more personal communication and find texting less intimate.

Lack of Face-to-Face Interaction: A preference for digital communication over face-to-face interactions may seem impersonal or less meaningful.

Selfie Culture: Baby Boomers may perceive excessive selfies and self-promotion as narcissistic or attention-seeking.

Digital Payment Methods: The move away from cash towards digital payments may be viewed as less secure or trustworthy.

Online Shopping Over Physical Stores: Baby Boomers may miss the experience of shopping in physical stores and interacting with store employees.

Instant Gratification: The expectation for immediate responses and instant access to information may be seen as impatient or demanding.

Decline in Written Communication Skills: With reliance on digital communication, there may be concerns about deteriorating writing and grammar skills.

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