9 Most Dangerous Cities To Travel To In Europe

Naples, Italy: Known for its historical significance and vibrant culture, Naples also has a high crime rate, particularly involving petty theft and organized crime.

Marseille, France: While it is a beautiful port city, Marseille has a reputation for gang violence and drug-related crimes, particularly in certain neighborhoods.

Athens, Greece: Although a city rich in history, Athens has areas with high crime rates, including pickpocketing and street crimes, especially in tourist spots.

Brussels, Belgium: Brussels has experienced issues with terrorism and political unrest, making certain areas potentially unsafe for travelers.

Barcelona, Spain: Known for its stunning architecture and culture, Barcelona also has a high incidence of pickpocketing and petty theft, especially in tourist areas.

Bucharest, Romania: Bucharest has seen an increase in crime, including scams targeting tourists and petty theft.

Paris, France: While Paris is a major tourist destination, it has areas with high rates of petty crime, particularly pickpocketing and scams.

London, United Kingdom: London faces issues with knife crime and muggings in certain areas, making it a city where travelers should be vigilant.

Sofia, Bulgaria: Sofia has areas with higher crime rates, including theft and scams, which can pose risks to travelers.

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