9 Tai Chi Movements to Change Your Life for the Better

Commencement (Qi Shi): This opening movement helps center the mind and body, promoting relaxation and mental clarity.

Ward Off (Peng): This move improves balance and coordination, while also teaching the concept of redirecting energy.

Grasp the Bird's Tail (Lan Que Wei): A sequence of movements that enhance flexibility, strength, and flow, integrating ward off, roll back, press, and push.

Single Whip (Dan Bian): This movement stretches the body, improves coordination, and helps release tension in the shoulders and back.

Wave Hands Like Clouds (Yun Shou): Smooth, flowing movements that enhance coordination, balance, and mental focus.

Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg (Jin Ji Du Li): This one-legged stance improves balance, leg strength, and focus.

Repulse Monkey (Dao Nian Hou): This backward stepping movement enhances agility, coordination, and spatial awareness.

Brush Knee and Twist Step (Lou Xi Ao Bu): This move involves coordinated arm and leg movements, improving flexibility and promoting fluidity.–  high-quality pieces tailored to your taste.

Parting the Wild Horse's Mane (Ye Ma Fen Zong): This graceful, sweeping motion enhances balance, coordination, and relaxation.

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