9 TV Series Finales That Ruined the Whole Show

Game of Thrones - The highly anticipated finale left many fans unsatisfied with rushed storylines and uncharacteristic decisions made by key characters.

How I Met Your Mother - After nine seasons of buildup, the finale's twist ending, where Ted ends up with Robin instead of the titular mother, left many fans feeling betrayed.

Dexter - The series concluded with Dexter faking his death and living as a lumberjack, a resolution that felt disconnected from the character's arc.

Lost - The enigmatic series ended with a finale that left many questions unanswered and a controversial "flash-sideways" resolution that divided fans.

Seinfeld - The beloved sitcom ended with the main characters being jailed, a finale that many felt was a disappointing and cynical end to the series.

The Sopranos - The ambiguous ending, cutting to black mid-scene, left fans with no closure and sparked endless debate about the fate of Tony Soprano.

Roseanne - The original series finale revealed that much of the later seasons were a fictionalized version of events, undermining the show's earlier emotional moments.

Scrubs - The show's ninth season, rebranded as "Scrubs: Med School," felt like a spinoff and did not satisfy fans who were looking for a proper conclusion to the series.

Two and a Half Men - The finale was heavily criticized for its meta-humor and lack of coherence, culminating in a bizarre ending involving a piano falling on Charlie Sheen's character.

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