9 Unique Wedding Traditions From All Around the World

Breaking Dishes (Germany): Before the wedding, German couples and their guests break porcelain dishes to ward off evil spirits, a practice known as "Polterabend."

Kumbh Vivah (India): In parts of India, women who are "Mangliks" (born under a certain astrological combination) marry a tree before marrying their actual spouse to counteract bad luck.

Money Dance (Poland): Guests pin money to the bride's dress or put it in a bag to dance with her, symbolizing good fortune and financial support.

Log Cutting (Switzerland): Swiss couples saw a log in half together after the ceremony to demonstrate their ability to work together and overcome obstacles.

Henna Night (Morocco): Moroccan brides have a henna party where their hands and feet are decorated with intricate designs, symbolizing beauty and protection.

Whale Tooth (Fiji): In Fiji, a groom presents a whale's tooth, called a "tabua," to the bride's father as a traditional offering to prove his worthiness.

Spitting on the Bride (Kenya): Among the Maasai people of Kenya, the father of the bride blesses his daughter by spitting on her head and breasts before she leaves with her husband.

Blackening (Scotland): Scottish brides and grooms are covered in soot, flour, and feathers by their friends before the wedding to prepare them for any challenges in married life.

Jumping the Broom (African-American): This tradition, with roots in the African diaspora, involves the couple jumping over a broomstick to symbolize sweeping away the old and welcoming the new life together.

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