Animals and Wildlife in South America

The largest cat in the Americas, with a powerful build and distinctive rosette-patterned coat. Found in rainforests, wetlands, and grasslands.


A domesticated South American camelid, valued for its wool and as a pack animal. Native to the Andes Mountains.


The world's largest rodent, semi-aquatic, and highly social. Found near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and swamps.


One of the world's largest flying birds, with a wingspan of up to 10 feet. Primarily found in the Andes Mountains and coastal regions.

Andean Condor

Slow-moving tree dwellers with long claws, known for their sedentary lifestyle. Inhabit rainforests and cloud forests.


One of the world's largest snakes, capable of growing over 20 feet long. Lives in swamps, marshes, and slow-moving streams, primarily in the Amazon Basin.


Birds known for their large, colorful bills and vibrant plumage. Reside in rainforests and tropical regions.


Wild relatives of llamas, known for their slender build and fine wool. Inhabit arid and semi-arid regions of the Andes.


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