Burger Chain Is Planning to Go 50% Meatless

Our favorite fast-food establishments have tried meatless menu items, both successfully and unsuccessfully. Taco Bell experimented pea- and

chickpea-based meat, KFC introduced plant-based "chicken" nuggets, and McDonald's introduced the McPlant to mixed reviews.

Burger King seemed to do best going plant-based. The chain was an early vegan meat adopter. Similar-store sales rose 6% in the quarter

after the 2019 Impossible Whopper introduction. This vegetarian success encouraged "The King" to offer Impossible nuggets last fall in select U.S.

BK's most ambitious vegan experiment—a month-long 100% vegan menu at one of its high-traffic London storefronts—was a "stunning

success" despite U.S. customers' growing criticism of the vegan burger. Burger King now wants a 50% meat-free menu by 2030 after its popularity.

"We've been pleased with the results, including a doubling of plant-based product incidents in Europe in the quarter, and we are looking

for new market opportunities in Europe and around the world to expand the platform," said Restaurant Brands International CEO José Cil in a recent earnings call.

A Burger King UK spokeswoman told Insider that the most popular 100% vegan meals will likely appear on other Burger King menus soon. 

Although BK calls its month-long London trial a success, not everyone is delighted. GB News' right-wing presenter accused BK of skewing findings with its location.

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