Burger King Is Launching a Brand New Whopper

Burger King provides spicy Halloween flavors to tantalize your taste senses.

Burger King has never been hesitant to get creative with the Whopper, unlike most fast-food chains. The 2015 A1 Halloween Whopper with a

black bun was stunning. Apparently, the 2018 green-bunned Nightmare King fostered unpleasant dreams.

The burger chain is apparently releasing another Halloween-themed Whopper this year. Introducing the Ghost Pepper Whopper, featuring a

flame-grilled patties with spicy queso sauce, Ghost Pepper cheese, bacon, and crispy jalapeños. The bun is brilliant orange with black sesame

The Ghost Pepper Whopper will be available at Burger King stores worldwide starting October 13, but some locations may start serving it on October 10.

Burger King has yet to announce the new Whopper, but various sources, including snack scooping Instagram account @Markie_devo and Chew Boom, have reported it.

"Burger King's Halloween Ghost Pepper Whopper is coming! This burger has an orange bun, spicy queso, crunchy jalapeños, bacon,

ghost pepper cheese, and a Whopper patty I don't know about you, but an orange bun sounds like fun "Markie_devo posted information regarding the new item

Burger King has experimented with ghost peppers before. The Whopper's Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets debuted last year

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