Burger King Just Discontinued This GOAT Sandwich 

All versions of the chain's famous chicken sandwich are being discontinued this month in favor of Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches.

The corporation is discreet about the transition, but customers have spoken out about losing the Ch'King so soon after its launch.

@BurgerKing Why are you getting rid of the Ch'King chicken sandwich? It was delicious, thick, spicy, crispy, moist, etc. It was your single menu

The hot Ch'King became the GOAT chicken sandwich in just over a year, an accomplishment considering the dozens of chicken sandwiches that have appeared

Although Burger King was late to the party, it made one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches.

Burger King's long-awaited hand-breaded chicken sandwich was lauded by both casual eaters and fast-food specialists.

According to Dan Accordino, CEO of Burger King's key franchisee

Carrols Restaurant Group, Ch'King sales didn't meet expectations.

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