Coca-Cola Is Launching a 'Fruity' New Mystery Flavor

Over the years, Coca-Cola has created many entertaining twists on its original soda, including Cherry Vanilla and the new Spiced and Happy

Tears varieties announced this month. Though unexpected, K-pop fans inspired the legendary beverage brand's latest flavor innovation.

In certain worldwide areas like the US, Spain, Singapore, and South Korea, Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar is currently accessible. The new

drink honors "fans and their infinite devotion" to K-pop musicians, according to a press statement.

Coca-Cola Creations, a line of limited-edition mystery-flavor sodas inspired by odd ideas, now includes Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar. An

earlier Coca-Cola Creation from September 2023, Coca-Cola Y3000, was created utilizing human and AI insights on future taste and feel.

Coca-Cola Ultimate, introduced in June 2023, was supposed to taste like League of Legends "experience points". Starlight, Byte, and Dreamworld

Coca-Cola Creations is intentionally unclear about what K-Wave Zero Sugar tastes like, as with past offerings. The press release only

described the flavor as "fruity-flavored K-Pop magic." Eat This, Not That! It tasted like banana taffy to editor Chris Shott, who tasted the new drink

Given K-pop's growing appeal, Coca-Cola's next mystery flavor's inspiration isn't surprising. In October 2023

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