Coca-Cola Just Launched Its 'Boldest' Soda Flavor Yet

Over time, Coca-Cola has launched scores of new soda flavors, including some odd ones. Recently released soft drinks have been inspired by dreams

space, and a popular video game. AI helped design another. While inventive, many of these are limited-time offerings that likely generate more attention than thirst.

Coca-Cola's latest product is more grounded, and the firm calls it a "permanent" addition to its lineup—its first in over three years.

Coca-Cola Spiced seems like a spicy chili pepper-infused soda, but it's only a slight twist on the basic cola.

At a private tasting event in New York City on Tuesday night, guests, including me, drank both regular and sugarless versions of the soda giant's new flavor.

"It's a very complex flavor profile," said Coca-Cola Trademark-North America vice president of marketing Sue Lynne Cha during a

presentation on the new beverage and other projects. "It really starts with a refreshing version of raspberry, which is combined with our

iconic alma mater formula and then it really ends with a warm spice." Cha said "Coca-Cola with a twist," said, "It's not spicy, but it's the boldest innovation that we've done."

The recipe lists simply "natural flavors" for spices, but Cha said the developers "worked on really figuring out the right level of spices so that it's delicious, refreshing."

Coke Spiced's raspberry flavor is more subdued than Cherry Coke's. "We wanted to make sure we kept it really balanced," he remarked.

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