Costco Just Brought Back Its Wagyu Beef

Cooking a high-quality steak will wow at a fancy dinner party or when treating your family to something special.

@costcohotfinds found A5 Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Steaks for $99 per pound at the members-only warehouse club on Nov. 27.

On Instagram, Costco fans have left over 470 comments about the indulgent product since its reappearance.

One user commented, "Amazing offer and worth every penny❣️," while another said, "I'll buy it if I see it!"

"I will unfortunately NEVER try something that costs me a week's groceries," said one. "No way. If I spend a fortune on a steak

Japan produces Wagyu beef, which means "Japanese cow," by feeding cows more intramuscular fat cells, which gives it its marbling and

suppleness. High-grade wagyu can cost $200 per pound, with some animals fetching $30,000.

Considering its market worth, some Instagram users raised doubt regarding wagyu beef, commenting, "If it's this price, no ways it's real…"

There are other wagyu beef products at Costco besides the A5 Japanese Wagyu New York Strip Steak. Costco sells 24-packs of Wagyu Beef Craft Burgers for $109.99

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