Discover Italy's Most Underrated Towns Where You Can Escape The Crowds

Known for its ancient cave dwellings (Sassi di Matera), Matera offers a unique and historic atmosphere without the crowds of major tourist cities.


Situated on a volcanic rock in Umbria, Orvieto boasts stunning medieval architecture, Etruscan ruins, and panoramic views of the countryside.


A Renaissance gem in Lombardy, Mantua features beautiful palaces, historic squares, and a peaceful atmosphere along the River Mincio.


A charming coastal town in Lazio, Sperlonga offers beautiful beaches, narrow alleys, and a relaxed vibe away from the busy tourist routes.


Famous for its unique trulli houses, Alberobello in Puglia offers a glimpse into traditional Apulian architecture and culture.


Located in Sicily, Cefalù boasts a stunning beach, a picturesque old town with narrow streets, and a historic cathedral.


Known for its well-preserved medieval quarter, thermal baths, and historic sites, Viterbo offers a peaceful escape in Lazio


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