Dubai's Top 10 Foods

These heated dumplings taste and feel like doughnuts. Cafés serve fresh batches with sticky date sauce and sesame seeds daily. Try them mid-morning with coffee at Local Bites Café in Jumeirah.

1. Luqaimat

UAE residents love this Palestinian pastry. Freshly prepared sour cheese, crisp sugar syrup, and dough are best served immediately.

2. Knafeh

Emiratis traditionally didn't consume camel meat, but modern chefs are making sliders, biryani, burgers, and stews with it.

3. Camel

Dubai's cocktail culture is growing. Ruya serves Anatolian Fizz with sparkling wine, pomegranate molasses, lemon, rose, and raspberry.

4. Turkish Cocktails

These hot pastry appetisers were influenced by Indian flavors and methods, like many Emirates foods.

5. Samboosa

Government buildings and hotel foyers in the UAE offer free Arabic coffee. Enjoy Café Bateel's unique qahwa, a classic Arabic coffee prepared with lightly roasted beans

6. Dates And Arabic Coffee

This spicy tomato-based stew with turmeric, cumin, and bezar is hot.Chicken, lamb, and baby marrow and potato versions are available across the city.

7. Margoogat

These tasty Emirati pancakes are usually offered for breakfast. They're filled with sour cheese and date syrup then cooked.

8. Chebab

This traditional rice dish contains cardamom, cinnamon, and dried lemon. It frequently uses local shrimp, lamb, or chicken.

9. Machboos

Eat fresh Arabic bread in a bakery or restaurant instead of buying it. It goes well with fresh hummus and mutabal.

10. Khubz

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