7 Easy Strategies To Cut Sugar And Eat Better

Due to their fiber and minerals, whole fruit and vegetable sugars are healthier.

Consume Full Fruit For Sugar

Sugar withdrawal works best with small steps. For instance, cut tea and coffee sugar by 1/4 teaspoon every two days.

Proceed Slowly

Full-sugar soft drinks should be avoided. Coke's 500ml bottle has 53g (13.3tsp) sugar, 1.8 times your daily limit, and 210 empty calories.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Physically active people metabolize sugar and carbs better. A 2020 study indicated that regular exercise reduced sweet tooth over time.

Do More Exercise

Instead of sugary ice cream or lollies, try frozen red grapes or banana slices. Banana chunks make great "nice" cream when blended in a robust blender.

Try Healthy Ices

Higher cocoa content means less sugar in chocolate. Instead of filled chocolates with sugary centers, try a few squares from a solid bar if you only like milk chocolate.

Join The Darkness

A 60g portion of supermarket sweet and sour or sweet chilli stir-fry sauce has 17-20g (up to 5tsp) free sugars, or two-thirds of your daily recommended limit.

Change Your Stir-Fry Sauce

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