Enoki Mushroom Is the Most Recalled Food of the Year

Recalls are common for romaine and ground beef, which are more prone to contamination and food safety risks.

Ten of the 11 listeria-related recalls of enoki mushrooms in 2022 occurred in the first four months. This food has been the most difficult.

"Any commodity vying for the distant second-place finish—cheese, leafy greens, ground beef—has had fewer than half as many recalls so far this year," Food Poisoning Bulletin said.

Enoki mushrooms have been recalled over 20 times since 2020, per Consumer Reports. A 2016–2020 listeria outbreak in the US infected 36

individuals and killed four. This led the FDA to launch an Imported Specialty Mushroom Prevention Strategy for enoki mushrooms.

In July, the FDA announced that its Import Divisions may detain enoki mushroom imports from Korea without physical examination.

Why are enoki mushrooms routinely recalled for Listeria monocytogenes contamination? In the July import advisory, the FDA

said "Evidence suggests that enoki mushrooms may be a high-risk reservoir for L. monocytogenes due to the difficulty in maintaining good

hygienic practices at medium-sized plants where the mushrooms are typically produced."

Food Poisoning Bulletin notes that listeria, present in soil, water, and decaying plant matter, thrives in chilly, damp areas, making mushrooms' high-humidity environment

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