Gorgeous Medium-Length Shag Haircuts For All Hair Types

1. Medium Curly Shag

Curls provide height and a twist to this medium-length haircut!

2. Copper Medium Shag with Feathered Ends

Despite being deeply layered around the face and at the bottom, this red hairdo feels soft on the fine tresses, adding lift and dynamism.

3. Super Short Layered Shag

With this bold appearance, take a walk on the shorter side!

4. Chic Shaggy Cut with Front Bangs

Can a shaggy haircut be fashionable? Yes, the answer is yes! Front bangs frame your face instantly, and the med shag haircut gives you a fresh, current look.

5. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair

Look at how layers can enhance your medium-thick hair!

6. Medium Curly Shag

Take your curls to the next level with this sloppy, edgy look!

7. Light Brown Soft Haircut

Long layers with this wavy texture make your hair look very silky and smooth! This style suits both thin and thick-haired women.

8. Beige Blonde Shoulder-Length Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs

This shaggy cut with many small layers is designed for tousled styling to add volume to thin hair and body in the front with long and deep bangs.

9. Undone Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Pieces

Check out how medium shag haircuts can blend sliced ends of face-framing layers with relatively blunt tips around the perimeter if you want your hair to look fuller on the bottom.

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