Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Medium Layered Haircuts

Loose, Layered Waves

Style your medium layered haircut into a voluminous wavy hairdo inspired by the 1970s.

Plus to damp hair and blow-dry, concentrating on the roots. Curl your hair away from your face with a one-inch curling iron or hair wand to produce loose waves.

Half-braided Bun

With this adorable haircut, you get the best of all worlds. This design combines two 2016 hair trends: braids and the half-up hairdo.

While you work on the rear area of your hair, gather the middle section of your hair into can you tell?

Make three to four small French braids in the middle of your hair, then roll them into a bun and secure with hairpins.

The Side Braid

This side braid hairstyle is simply a simple and easy technique to change the appearance of medium layered haircuts.

 If you're weary of keeping your hair down or up in a ponytail, try this elegant side braid.

Have fun and experiment with different braid styles! French and Dutch are interesting languages to learn.

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