McDonald's Is Handing Out Major Burger Deals This Weekend

We start to wonder what's for lunch as the sun cooks the land like a flat top grill in summer. Thankfully, McDonald's covers us—and well!

Summer discounts are flying off the shelves as part of McDonald's new Camp marketing.

Starting July 5, the McDonald's app's 27-day virtual camp features meal discounts, exclusive merch drops, and virtual performances by famous

singers. This week's "Self-Care Summer" theme includes a skincare product drop and a virtual concert by Omar Apollo on Sunday.

The weekend menu is here. McDonald's app users can get a free Double Cheeseburger on Friday with a $1 purchase. The Quarter

Pounder will be 2 for $5 on Saturday. Again, the deals are only redeemable on the chain's app, and history shows that Mickey D's freebies require patience.

For instance, Camp McDonald's started poorly. Customers waited hours in a virtual line for the first merch release of the event, a Grimace-

shaped pool float, but were turned away empty-handed. After campers complained on Twitter, the burger restaurant vowed to fix its in-app

and supply concerns. As we enter week two of these festivities, McDonald's hopefully has fixed the issues.

McDonald's had many unhappy customers lately. These new blitz campaigns and star collaborations may be a ploy to appease fans as restaurants

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