Most Expensive Birds On Earth

Racing Pigeons

Medium-sized tree with attractive fall foliage in shades of red, orange, and yellow.

Hyacinth Macaw

Standing out with its vibrant blue feathers and striking yellow eye rings, this bird is the largest of the macaw species.

Black Palm Cockatoo

Originating from the rainforests of New Guinea and northern Australia, this cockatoo is known for its unique appearance and intriguing behaviors, such as using sticks to drum on hollow trees.


These birds are native to Central and South America, where they inhabit tropical and subtropical forests.


These birds are native to Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe, inhabiting shallow lakes, lagoons, and swamps

Ayam Cemani Chicken

The Ayam Cemani is often regarded as a mystical bird, believed to bring good fortune.

Green-Winged Macaw

Native to the forests of South America, the Green-Winged Macaw is known for its intelligence and strong beak, capable of cracking open hard nuts.

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