Most Popular Cattle Breeds in the U.S.

Known for marbled beef with excellent flavor, Angus cattle are widely raised for their beef quality and adaptability to various climates.


Recognized by their red body color with a white face, Herefords are valued for their efficient feed conversion and high-quality beef.


A French breed known for its large size and rapid growth, Charolais cattle produce lean meat and are often used in crossbreeding programs to improve carcass traits.


Originating from Switzerland, Simmental cattle are known for their high milk production, growth rate, and muscularity, making them versatile for both beef and dairy purposes.


Hailing from France, Limousin cattle are noted for their lean beef, efficient feed conversion, and ability to thrive in various conditions.


Primarily a dairy breed, Holsteins are known for their high milk production and distinctive black and white color pattern.


Recognized for their long horns and adaptability to harsh environments, Texas Longhorns are known for their lean beef and historical significance in American ranching.

Texas Longhorn

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